Are You Planning to Buy a House and Lot in Pampanga to Rent it Out?

Let’s face it, Clark is the next big Metro. President Duterte himself confirms that Clark New City (beside Angeles City) will be the new and improved Mega City. It has been happening for almost 2 years now with milestones such as:
  • The Department of Transportation already moved HQ there and the President made it clear that no more factories in Manila.
  • Many modern factories and tech centers are already moving to Clark.
  • The airport is being expanded (see here) and Philippine Airlines already started new routes from Clark (like Davao, Boracay, Cebu) last year.
  • The Largest Water Park in the Philippines is being built there.
  • It has several large casinos that many tourists go to.
Because of the rapid industrialization and companies moving (jobs) to Clark, property prices in Angeles City, are sky rocketing.

Angeles City’s Property prices will RAPIDLY INCREASE IN THE NEXT 5 YEARS and be equal to high-end Metro Manila properties.


If you are buying a house and lot with the intention to rent it out for your lifetime income, then reconsider because a house only leases for about PHP 15 – 20K because they are located outside or far from the Entertainment district in Fields Avenue (aka Walking Street) and far from the malls which have buses that go to Clark.
Decent Condominiums / Apartments in the Entertainment Area of Angeles City Rent for 3500 per Night.
Here is a recent per day stay in the commercial area known as the Walking Street according to

Condominiums Rent for Higher than Houses

Compare renting a house for 15K per MONTH vs renting a high-end condominium for 3500+ PER NIGHT and you can easily see that condominiums yield more profit for you. In addition, if you buy a house and lot, you still have to go through the trouble of hiring an architect, contractor, build it, buy furniture and make sure it is located in an area with high customer demand, which is only in the commercial & Entertainment area at Walking Street.Tourists do not like staying outside the entertainment district – they like to be in it or beside it. So the customer demand is for hotels and serviced condominiums near where the action is at Entertainment Center – Walking Street only.


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