Online Booking Systems for Small Hotels, Function and Sports Venues


Collect electronic payments through your website rather than pencil bookings. JRM has various website-app solutions that fit your industry and reservation process. Setup + Employee Training is included.

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A hotel’s main software for management is called a Property Management Software (PMS) or some call it their hotel system. It can cost a million or more Philippine Pesos which does not make sense for smaller businesses.

Since hotels are different, it is to say their software and budget requirements are different. If you ask people and some General Manager’s which is the best softare, some might say Micros which is used by 5-Star Hotels. But it costs millions, which can build you a resort or be better used to add more rooms to your hotel!

There is actually plenty of hotel systems to choose from but you ask what is the best? To begin with, you should stop asking what is the best software and instead determine your requirements.

JRM will consult with you and determine a hotel PMS that fits you. Usually we set you up with an online booking system that is cloud based (that means it is in the internet) and does not require you to purchase an expensive server (saves you LOTS of money). You pay monthly which is easier on the budget too and can use a regular PC.

To be clear we do not make the hotel PMS – we determine your requirements, then select one that fits your hotel / resort’s business model and size. Since they are complex to setup, JRM does that for you and trains your people.

What about Agoda and Expedia?

JRM can handle the integration of this through what is known as a channel manager. Again it will be determined how you run things and then JRM will customize the software to work that way you want it to.

A sample hotel system we setup before for a 71 room hotel at Angeles City Pampanga is provided.

You don’t have to spend a million or more on apps. Contact JRM for a consultation.

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Calendar and Time Booking Systems



A soccer field and function room are reserved differently than a hotel room. They are usually per hour or fixed blocks of time so the reservation of these facilities usually entails the use of a different kind of software. A business renting function rooms for weddings has different requirements so their software also works differently.

JRM will customize a reservation app that fits with how you schedule venue reservations. Some features are:

  • Your guests can choose date of reservation from a calendar then
  • Choose the time slot.
  • You can sell add-ons like renting of football
  • Works on mobile devices
  • Your employees can choose whether to approve a meeting or not
  • Easily organize and manage bookings

And plenty more which are customized on how you do things.

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Get paid instantly when a guest makes a booking, collect deposits, down payments and final payments. It’s easier for you and your customers. Accept payment via Credit Cards, PayMaya, Paypal, Alipay and Debit Cards.

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